Five reasons why coffee breaks are good for you

“The tea/coffee break can be an important way to restore balance in your life. Periodically getting away from your work can help you to reduce anxiety, distract you from the rigours of your work and allow you to appreciate more than just the world aspect of your day,” says psychologist Dean Janover of Prahran Psychology Clinic

Imagine trying to get through the day without taking time out to relax with a cup of coffee? In the era of smart phones, emails, social media and apps, methods of nonverbal communication are dominating our daily activities. Having a good old coffee break is vital for bringing us a back down to earth and making us feel, for want of a better word, human.

Have a look at five ways coffee breaks can do us good.

Happy memories with a personalised mug


A personalised coffee mug which has a photograph or message of a personal nature imprinted on the front can create happy memories every time you look at it. By looking at a photo of your children or reading a personal message from your loved one each time you pick up the novelty coffee mug, will put a smile on your face and help get you through the day

Improve concentration

Whether you own a fun, memory-evoking design your own mug or have a bland corporate coffee mug on your desk, coffee breaks in the office can help improve workers’ concentration and productivity. According to a study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, caffeine helps improve employees’ memory and concentration and reduces the number of mistakes they make.

Inspire creativity

Gazing at four grey walls void of patterns, colour and artwork is not conducive with creating the most inspiring of surroundings. If your boss is unlikely to agree to an office Monet makeover, generate your own creativity-inducing features, beginning with your coffee mug.


Taking regular coffee breaks with a novelty coffee mug that’s got a bright, interesting and compelling design on it, may help inject some creativity into your working environment.

Helps keep your sanity

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end, working fervently while scowling at anyone who dares interrupt you, won’t do your sanity and well-being any favours. Taking regular coffee breaks that gets you away from your desk and computer will help keep you fresh, revived and ready to tackle what the day might throw at you.


There is usually someone brewing up in a workplace kitchen. Joining colleagues in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea is likely to result in you talking to co-workers and get to know them better, which can help make the workplace a more bearable place to be.

If you’re worried about not have much to say to co-workers over the kettle a novelty coffee mug or customised mugs can help spark conversation and quash uncomfortable silences.

What is your opinion about workplace coffee breaks? A vital way to help us get through the day? Or a waste of employee time?