Why personalised mugs make great gifts for colleagues

How many times do you and your team brew up each day at work? Three, five, seven or even eight times maybe? Having a cup of tea or coffee in the office or workplace provides the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes respite from spreadsheets, presentations and reports. It enables colleagues to socialise and get to know each other better. In short, sharing a mug of tea or a cup of coffee at work helps us all get through the day.


Customised mugs take the socialising aspect of tea breaks one step further. A personalised coffee mug will create a talking point at work. Not only this but unlike generic company mugs, which might look ‘uniform’ and ‘professional’ when clients visit the office, novelty coffee mugs will be immediately recognised as belonging to a certain employee – Meaning there is no excuse to get the mugs mixed up.

The perfect gift

It might be your colleague’s birthday, they might be leaving the company to go to another job, or they may have recently been promoted – there are many reasons why we buy colleagues gifts from time to time.

Unlike buying presents for friends and family, in which you are spoilt for choice, choosing an appropriate gift for a colleague can be infinitely more difficult. You want to present your co-worker with a fun and meaningful gift that isn’t costly and that they will appreciate.

Fun and funky

Being fun and funky a personalised coffee mug would be a great gift for any tea or coffee-loving colleague. Whether you opt for a photo mug with a picture of your colleague looking a little worse for wear at the Christmas party or have a personalised message imprinted on the mug, designing your own mug so it’s customised will undoubtedly be a fun and light-hearted gift.


An inexpensive choice

Let’s be honest, we don’t want to spend a fortune on a gift for somebody at work. Printed mugs don’t cost much to buy and unlike many items that don’t cost too much money, novelty coffee mugs do not give the impression of being an inexpensive gift.

On the contrary, design your own mugs are a great way to stimulate conversation and to optimise the relaxing and cheery nature of coffee breaks. These meaningful and fun items also provide a practical gift that your co-workers will be able to distinguish as belonging to an individual member on your team when it’s their time to brew up.