boat mugs

Our range of personalised coffee mugs enables boat-owners to have a coffee mug that is personal to them and enables them to have either a single mug or a set of mugs depicting their pride and joy.

We are able to feature

A photograph of your boat on the mug side of your choice, best to let others see it as you drink !

International code flags spelling out the name of your boat, along the top of the mug

Wording of your choice on the side of the mug opposite the picture. A set of mugs would feature a different choice of wording on each mug – see the panel opposite for suggested examples

You choose the font to be printed on both the boat name on the front and the wording on the other side

Our personalised coffee mugs are competitively priced :

£7 for a ‘one-off’

£36 for a set of 6 of the same design

Plus post and packing (£2.50 for a single mug)

There are no extra charges for setting the artwork. You choose if you want a photo’ framing or if you want the boat ‘clipped out’ – see the examples above.

Quite obviously we can only work with the photo’ you supply – an untouched digital photo’ is by far the best. If you supply a poor quality photo’ don’t blame us for a poor quality reproduction !!


This is what the personalised coffee mug artwork, prior to printing on the mug, looks like. This is not the actual size.

Suggested examples for the wording for a set of 6 personalised coffee mugs:

Skipper’s Mug

Galley Slave’s Mug

Bilge Rat’s Mug

No 1 Crew’s Mug

Navigator’s Mug

Engineer’s Mug

You are not restricted to this – choose whatever fits your agenda (provided it’s not obscene!)