We have been very fortunate in obtaining the services of an artists who is able to produce superb caricatures.

We can then place these onto a mug for you.

These examples show the original artwork / photo, the caricature and then the caricature placed onto one of our mugs


Here are other examples of the artwork/model and the caricature

The artist – Chris Pawlik

On graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 with a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration Chris joined a small art studio in Northern Ireland, working on corporate & advertising accounts, making pack designs for numerous products such as pottery.

Chris has been producing all kinds of artwork for most of his life.

Chris has been drawing his caricatures at corporate & wedding functions for the last year, drawing many local people along the way.

Also, his drawings have been published in local newspapers and magazines in the UK and Ireland

Chris is offering his work at a very competitive price. We are not making any mark-up on his prices, we will only benefit if you order mugs from us.


His prices are :

– hand drawn A4 black & white caricature: £ 10

– hand drawn A3 black & white caricature: £ 15

– hand drawn A4 color caricature: £ 25

– hand drawn A3 color caricature: £ 35

– digital caricature: (b&w) £ 15

– digital color caricature: £ 25


We, obviously need the digital image to place the artwork onto mugs

If you want artwork and do not want them placed onto mugs we are happy to act as an intermediary to Chris and he will send you the artwork, there will obviously be a charge for carriage.