This page shows mug photos and artwork for the RNLI range of vessels

They are only available to RNLI recue centres for fundraising

Mugs4Coffee will make them available in multiples of 36

at a cost of £3.35 each and will donate 6 mugs in every 36

Fund raisers will pay £100 per box of 36 mugs plus £16 post and packing (normally £18) – £116

If sold at £6 each the box of 36 mugs will realise £216

being a profit of £100


The examples below show that we have produced a Mersey class boat bearing the name and number of the vessel at Hoylake station – Lady Hilbre

we can do this with vessels at other stations if we are provided with the class of vessel, name and number




‘Lady of Hilbre’, Hoylake station Mersey

E class

D class



‘Lady of Hilbre’, Hoylake station Mersey

Rescue watercraft



B class

Inshore recue boat